Welcome to the course!

Welcome to the course!

Meet your instructors

About Erik

Erik Flowers is a Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit, a financial services company and maker of TurboTax, Mint, and QuickBooks. Through the lens of modern service design, he is re-envisioning customer experiences across Intuit’s diverse ecosystem, building the capability throughout the company to look at experiences from end-to-end and surface-to-core. Erik is a multidisciplinary designer and developer, having spent over 20 years working with the web and technology in countless environments and contexts, from freelancing, to small businesses, startups, and large corporations.

@erik_flowers | LinkedIn

About Megan

Megan Erin Miller is Director of Service Design working in higher ed, and works to design seamless and quality client experiences for the campus community. Megan has a broad range of design experience, including brand, communications, identity, visual, user experience, product, and service design. Through her work, as well as presenting and teaching workshops she is building momentum around service design, and raising awareness and capability for design thinking across the university.

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What to expect in the class:

  • There are six modules with multiple sections. In each section, there is video and text content
  • There are assignments at the end of each module with worksheets and other resources to help you put what you are learning into practice
  • We’ll share examples as we go, and will be using Mural as our tool of choice to demonstrate the method (though you can use other tools if you desire!)
  • This class will help you run your first service blueprinting session, so try to come up with a real project to apply this to to help cement your learning.
  • You can go at your own pace with the class and take as long as you want to complete, but we do recommend trying to go through it and apply it to a real blueprinting project, so your time commitment depends on how practical you want to get!

How to get help with the class

  • If you need help or experience a problem, you can send us an email at [email protected]

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OK, let's get started!

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